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Could be dangerous.


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Mark: [In the book] Dr Watson faints when he sees Sherlock.That’s what we’re told.
Steven: Or at any rate, a grey mist rolls before his eyes, and the next thing he knows, his collar is undone and there’s the taste of brandy on his lips. I think what in fact happened…

Mark and Steven discuss The Return of Sherlock Holmes [x]

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I figure Sherlock’s curls are literally the number one priority in this show.

Meanwhile, John.

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This lie is a kindness.

John already lost Sherlock, buried him, and never managed to stop mourning him. There was no getting over Sherlock’s death for John, even after two years, and I expect he never really would have got over it if it had been true. When he talks about Sherlock two years on, he looks just as broken  as he did immediately after it happened. Sherlock’s death always stays fresh for him, even after he decides to move on. That’s a wound that wouldn’t ever entirely heal, unless Sherlock could do the impossible thing and do what John asked of him: don’t be dead.

The first time, he could.

So this time around, Sherlock knows he’s going to die for real, but keeps that fact from John. He lets John think that after his six months undercover, he’ll have some unknown, new adventure somewhere. And then another, and another. Swashbuckling his way across the planet, getting into scrapes and getting out of them again. Instead of John mourning Sherlock’s death forever, he could imagine him out there somewhere solving crimes, being brilliant, making the world a less dark place. He’d read about mysterious, amazing things in the papers and wonder if it’s Sherlock’s work. For the rest of his life he could image him like that, Sherlock the lone crusader, changing the world, unable to come home, unable to take John with him, but not for lack of wanting to, and not for lack of love. It’s just circumstances beyond their control. He’d be gone, but for John he’d still out there. Missing Sherlock is hard, but mourning him is harder.

Mary can tell when Sherlock is lying, but John can’t, and Sherlock knows it.

Sherlock now understands what his death would do to John. So he very kindly gives him something better.

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'and then what?'

'who knows'


'of course you're leaving me AGAIN, of course'

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it’s a good thing that Sherlock was the one to fake his death because imagine what would happen to Sherlock if he believed John died


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Those puppy eyes are the death of me.

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Benedict/Martin + Laughing on the set of ‘Sherlock’

"We laugh a lot - a hell of a lot - and we work very hard, and then we laugh very hard, and then we work hard, and then we laugh hard. I mean, it’s genuinely good fun."

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Not even sorry, guys.

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Harry Potter - The trio’s first screen test

(Rupert’s head in the second gif omg)

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Some awesome Harry Potter references.

Harry Potter: The fandom that leaked into all other fandoms.

The Harry Potter fandom is the Queen of all fandoms